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Hi, I'm KaiiMarie

 Welcome to the start of our journey together. I have spent the last 6+ years healing and shifting the trajectory of my life through implementing the methods  in my Transformational Journey of Healing and Self-Discovery program and through my personal meditation practice. Through Understanding and changing my patterns of behavior, I have been able to release and replenish my body, mind and spirit while reclaiming my power. Together we can do the same for you.

  • Life Experience Coaching

    Are ready to break patterns of behavior that do not serve you? Are you ready to create healthy stable and satisfying relationships? Are you ready to reclaim your present and future? Are you ready to transform your life? If yes, then lets have a conversation!

  • Mental Health & Wellness Events

    Register for one of workshops, seminars  or conferences  that I host throughout. The topics I  typical cover are: Understanding and Unpacking Racism and Racial Trauma; Stress Management.

    Many of the training's offer continuing education credits!

    To learn more click below! 

  • The Healing Element Podcast 

    A weekly podcast discussion giving you the tools you need to understand and heal from intergenerational trauma. 

    Listen to the latest episode now! 

  • Yoga +


    Restorative and Therapeutic Yoga are two wonderful healing modalities that help to ground and center your mind, body and spirit. These practices are not about flexibility or having a certain body type.

    Restorative and Therapeutic Yoga at is core is learning to put into practice the ability to bring balance and harmony within thereby healing you to navigate through the ups and downs of life.

  • The Oneness Retreats

    When yoga + meditation meet therapy something beautiful emerges.. 

    The Oneness retreats offer an experience like none other.  Get ready to go on a journey into your inner world. Immerse yourself into the power that exist when we come as a collective to begin to heal mental, emotionally an spiritually.  

Written Inspiration

 Here are some stories that I would like to share with you to inspire you and assist you on your healing journey.



Yoga and Meditation 

Meets Astrology

The Sacred Place is yoga and meditation series offered during the full and new moon. I hope you join me on this journey of discovery as we examine the connection to yoga, meditation and the full and new moon. You will be provide a guidance document prior to our session together!

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"As part of our efforts to provide virtual services for the constituents of the Alzheimer's Association, we invited Kaii to lead a Chair yoga session which was streamed via the virtual platform, Bluejeans. The attendees thoroughly enjoyed the hour long session, it was Introductory level and tailored for the elderly community and for caregivers of individuals living with dementia. One attendee commented, "I've never participated in anything like this but it was great and I'd do it again." Kaii discussed stress relieving breathing techniques and strategies for self-care, following the session and provided the guests with information on supportive resources that they can continue to access online. We were sincerely grateful for her facilitation of the event."

Adrienne t.,

Former Community Engagement Manager for the Alzheimer's Association CNY Chapter

"The Return of The Kings Virtual Event in June brought up important issues facing Back Men in America. Great group of panelists and informative discussions. I'm looking forward to the next one"

- Return of the Kings: A Conversation of Healing for Black Men 

- Chris M.

"That was one of the best conferences I've ever been to..."



"It was one of the best training's I have attended."


- KIM S.

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