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Hi, I am Kaii Marie, and I am passionate about ensuring you understand the value of holistic care.


We live in society that loves a quick fix! Do you agree? How often are we looking for some kind of short cut to solve a problem. This way of operating has it advantages; however when addressing health issues using quick fix methods can be detrimental to our health. We might experience instant relieve, but what follows are harmful side effects and sometimes long lasting health problems.


What if I told you of a treatment approach that provides relief, helps you take control of your health and ... there are no harmful side effects... would you be interested?

I am sure you said yes! If you are reading this and you are in the medical field or you are a caregiver I am sure I have peeked your interest as well. 

The approach that I am referring to is holistic care. Holistic care is taking care of the whole person, mind, body and spirit. 

Want learn more as to how holistic care works? Please see the diagram below, the click here

  •  Wellness Events*

    Register for one of workshops, seminars  or conferences  that focus on:

    Inherited Trauma 

    African American Historical and Generational Trauma 

    Workplace Trauma 

    Racism and Racial Bias in Medical Research and Care  

    Older Adult Mental Health

    * Continuing education credits may apply.

    Click below to see upcoming training's! 

  • The Healing Element Podcast 

    A weekly podcast discussion giving you the tools you need to understand and heal from intergenerational trauma. 

    Listen to the latest episode now! 

  • Yoga +


    Restorative and Therapeutic Yoga are two wonderful healing modalities that help to ground and center your mind, body and spirit. These practices are not about flexibility or having a certain body type.

    Restorative and Therapeutic Yoga at its core is  connecting to the breath and allowing flow within the body.


    Learn how to bring balance and harmony within your body through restorative and therapeutic yoga.

  • The Oneness Retreats

    When yoga + meditation meet therapy something beautiful emerges. 

    The Oneness retreats offer an experience like none other.  Get ready to go on a journey into your inner world. Immerse yourself into the power that exist when we begin to heal mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  

Written Inspiration

Inspirational stories to help you on your healing journey.



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"As part of our efforts to provide virtual services for the constituents of the Alzheimer's Association, we invited Kaii to lead a Chair yoga session which was streamed via the virtual platform, Bluejeans. The attendees thoroughly enjoyed the hour long session, it was Introductory level and tailored for the elderly community and for caregivers of individuals living with dementia. One attendee commented, "I've never participated in anything like this but it was great and I'd do it again." Kaii discussed stress relieving breathing techniques and strategies for self-care, following the session and provided the guests with information on supportive resources that they can continue to access online. We were sincerely grateful for her facilitation of the event."

Adrienne t.,

Former Community Engagement Manager for the Alzheimer's Association CNY Chapter

"The Return of The Kings Virtual Event in June brought up important issues facing Back Men in America. Great group of panelists and informative discussions. I'm looking forward to the next one"

- Return of the Kings: A Conversation of Healing for Black Men 

- Chris M.

"That was one of the best conferences I've ever been to..."



"It was one of the best training's I have attended."


- KIM S.

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