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About Kaii Marie

Kaii Marie has spent the last seven years on a personal healing journey. Through implementing her tailored  Transformational Journey of Healing and Self Discover program, and the use of meditation and yoga, Kaii has worked to address her negative patterns of behavior and change the direction of her life. Kaii's healing journey led her to enter the field of wellness and to launch her passion project Kaii Marie. Kaii Marie provides life experience coaching, restorative yoga and therapeutic yoga services for people who are seeking a personal transformation. Kaii Marie also raises awareness of historical and generational trauma through her podcast The Healing Element.


Prior to becoming a Restorative Therapeutic Yoga Instructor Kaii had a successful career in public service. She worked in state and federal government and on Congressional campaigns. Before starting Kaii Marie she was a Director with the New York State Housing Trust Fund. In that role Kaii was responsible for the operation and management of New York States' Section 8 Program. Kaii previously served as the Director of Intergovernmental Affairs for the Governor's Office of Storm Recovery and Director of Operations for NYS Lt Governor Robert Duffy.


Kaii’s passion to share the healing power of meditation and yoga was sparked by her personal journey and her work in Bridgeport, Connecticut. In 2017, Kaii was contracted to provide restorative yoga services for the Bernard Buddy Jordan Foundation. The Foundation provides free grief counselling and yoga services to the community. Students in the yoga class shared with Kaii how they applied what they learned from each session. They felt more connected to themselves and were better able to manage their thoughts and emotions. This experience motivated Kaii to increase her knowledge of the benefits of restorative yoga and therapeutic yoga by  completing an additional 100 hour teacher certification.

Kaii's Transformational Journey of Healing and Self Discovery program was developed from her personal journey of healing. After reaching several low points, Kaii engaged in a long period of self reflection. She began to recognize certain patterns of behavior. This period of introspection was the genesis of the Transformational Journey of Healing and Self Discovery program.  


In addition to providing yoga and coaching services Kaii Marie is the creator and host of The Healing Element Podcast. The Podcast examines the transmission of trauma, handed down from one generation to the next. The motivation for The Healing Element was based on the work of Dr. Joy DeGruy’s Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome theory and Dr. Bruce Lipton’s work on epigenetics.


Kaii uses her platform to spread a message of healing from trauma and strategies for people to take control and transform their lives.

Fun facts about Kaii:

In 2018 Kaii became a Certified Yogastrology Inspired Instructor. Join Kaii on her journey as she delves deeper into exploring yoga and its connection to astrology. Kaii holds live Yoga sessions every Full and New Moon- starting August 3,2020.

In 2016 Kaii became a Kemetic Yoga Teacher. Kemetic Yoga is an ancient Egyptian yoga practice. Keep and eye out for her pop up Kemetic Yoga sessions.

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