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About Kaii Marie

Kaii Marie Torrence is a certified Restorative Therapeutic Yoga and Kemetic Yoga Instructor, and Creator and host of The Healing Element podcast and holistic care speaker and trainer. Kaii is founder and owner of Kaii Marie LLC, a wellness company that offers restorative and therapeutic yoga services and wellness training's. Through her podcast Kaii provides listeners and viewers with expert advice from substance use counselors, psychotherapists, and holistic practitioners on the journey to heal from inherited and historical trauma. Kaii has been featured on several podcasts such as The Slant with Brandon Risher and Made From Scratch with Gabriel Leal to discuss the effects of historical trauma and how yoga therapy can assist in the recovery process.


Prior to becoming a Restorative Therapeutic Yoga Teacher, Kaii had a successful career in government service. She worked in state and federal government and on Congressional campaigns. Before starting Kaii Marie LLC she held the position of Director of the New York State Housing Choice Voucher Program. In that role Kaii was responsible for the operation and management of New York’s 40 county Section 8 program. Prior to the Housing Choice Voucher program Kaii served as the Director of Intergovernmental Affairs for the Governor's Office of Storm Recovery and Director of Operations for the NYS Lt Governor Robert Duffy.

Kaii’s passion to share the healing power of meditation and yoga was sparked by her personal journey and through her community work in Bridgeport, Connecticut. In 2017, Kaii was contracted to provide restorative yoga services for the Bernard Buddy Jordan Foundation. The Foundation provides free grief counselling and yoga services to the community. Students in the yoga class shared with Kaii how they applied what they learned in class to their daily lives to help them in their healing process.

Kaii uses her platform to spread a message of healing from trauma and strategies to manage chronic conditions through holistic practices.


Currently, Kaii serves on the following committees: NAADAC’s Critical Issues in the Black Community and Addiction Professionals of North Carolina’s Social Justice Committee.

In her personal time Kaii enjoys adventure activities, reading, watching documentaries, and studying astrology. Kaii resides in North Carolina with her fiancé.

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