Experience Coach 

I am excited to share with you a program that is close to my heart, my Life Experience Coaching service.

The foundation for my Life Experience Coaching service was based on my personal healing journey. The techniques used in this program are the same steps I used to pull myself out of a low point in my life.  I am honored to share this very special service with you. If you are ready to let go of your past and to take control of your future then this is the program for you!

Before I breakdown the details of the Life Experience Coaching service I would like to share with you my personal story of when I realized I needed to transform my life.

My Story 


​I remember standing alone in the bathroom of my apartment in Upstate New York. I stood in front of the bathroom mirror feeling broken. My eyes were red from crying. The feelings of frustration, shame, guilt and anger seemed to emanate from my body. As stood there, looking at my reflection, I wondered how did I reach this point in my life yet again?

I found myself drowning in debt, overwhelmed with work and dealing with the emotional aftermath of another failed relationship. As tears streamed down my face I looked in the mirror and yelled, "how did I get here...again?" You see, this was not my first low point. I had developed  a  pattern of self sabotaging behaviors. 

My journey to a place of balance and happiness came only after I recognized my patterns of behavior and made the commitment to make a change.  The road to healing and reclaiming my life was challenging. However, I continued to press through the difficult moments. My experiences have provided me with the opportunity to create a program that not only provides steps to transform your life but also gives you the support necessary to encourage and motivate you to keep pressing forward.

My life is completely different from when I started my journey over 6 years ago. I am now financially balanced, found my life’s passion and I am in a loving and healthy relationship. You can transform your life just as I did and my Life Experience Coaching service can help.

  • Transformational Journey of Healing and Self Discovery Program

    The Transformational Journey of Healing and Self Discovery Program is a 12 - week service based on the techniques that I used to take control of my life. Over the 12-week period you will begin to recognize and address your patterns of behavior. You will participate in weekly one on one video conference calls via zoom and complete related assignments. In addition, you will have unlimited access to me via email. During our twelve weeks together, we will work closely to develop a plan for you to heal and take control of your future. Sign up for your free consultation now. I look forward to working with you!

  • Monthly Support Program

    Once you complete the Transformational Journey of Healing and Self-Discovery Program you are eligible for the monthly support program. This program provides support for you as you continue your journey. Each month you are provided two video conference sessions and have unlimited access to me via email.

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