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 Welcome to the Oneness Retreats!

The Oneness Retreats focuses on healing the whole person.  

The Oneness Retreats creates a safe, warm and supportive environments that allow a  deep healing experience.

Yoga and meditation fused with therapy translates into a powerful experience. 

YOGA & Meditation Services 

Yoga at the Park

 Restorative Therapeutic Yoga Services group sessions are available!

Corporate and Non-Profit

Private Restorative therapeutic yoga are great for corporate and non-profit wellness programs and non-profit .  To learn more about the health benefits of restorative and therapeutic yoga please click the below.

 For information on how yoga and meditation can help your organization please scroll towards the bottom of this page. 


Special Yoga Events In The Community

Please be sure to stay on the look out for yoga and meditation workshops and other offerings open to the public!  All events are listed in the events page.


The Sacred Place:

Yoga + Meditation under the full and new moon. This offering is perfect for people who desire to connect with energy during the full and new moon. If you are ready to uncover, discover and unlock all that lies within you be sure to register now!

Corporate & Non-Profit Yoga + Meditation 

Studies show the impact of stress in the workplace. High levels of stress can result in not only poor work performance from staff but also high rates of absenteeism.

A workplace that is stressful not only provides a toxic environment but also can impact the health of employees. The effects of chronic stress can cause to hypertension, heart disease, anxiety, and depression. These health issues can have a devastating impact on an organizations staffing and budget.

Impact of COVID-19

During this time many organizations are operating remotely. This is a drastic change to any organizations. Employees of organizations that have changed remote operations are learning how to adjust to a new system. This change can leave many staff feeling overwhelmed and stressed.

  Providing yoga and meditation for your staff can help employees reconnect, help build a sense community and help to reduced the feelings of isolation.

Begin to create a supportive culture for your organization by providing Yoga and Meditation. Adding these services is more than a trend - it is changing the culture. 

Lets connect to discuss!

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Monthly Support Program 

Once you complete the Transformational Journey of Healing and Self-Discovery Program you are eligible for the monthly support program. This program provides support for you as you continue your journey. Each month you are provided two video conference sessions and have unlimited access to me via email.

Transformational Journey of Healing and Self Discovery Program 

The Transformational Journey of Healing and Self Discovery Program is a 12 - week service based on the techniques that I used to take control of my life. Over the 12-week period you will begin to recognize and address your patterns of behavior. You will participate in weekly one on one video conference calls via zoom and complete related assignments. In addition, you will have unlimited access to me via email. During our twelve weeks together, we will work closely to develop a plan for you to heal and take control of your future. Sign up for your free consultation now. I look forward to working with you!

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